Sound proofing walls

Scanmikael’s wall systems combine sound proofing solutions with versatile room management. The extensive sound proofing product range enables your company to have a modern and functional work environment.

If necessary, the Privacy function can be combined with the sound proofing walls, making dust-collecting blinds a history.


  • SCM L-35-Acusto
    The SCM movable or folding glass wall can be fitted with seals and acoustic film glass. The sound proofing value is up to 34 dB Rw, VTT tested.

  • SCM Dublo movable/stationary glass wall

    Double movable system without vertical profiles. The sound proofing value is 41dB Rw, VTT tested.

  • SCM Sapphire Movable Glass Wall
    Double-layered glass structure with glued seams and a very narrow 45 mm vertical profile. Mechanical sealing sections with easy to use manual control. Can be combined with a sheet-structured movable/folding wall. Sound proofing value 43dB Rw, VTT tested.
  • SCM Office
    Stationary office elements combined with sliding doors enable to achieve a modern office outlook together with improved sound proofing. It is possible to order SCM office walls with single glass as a RW 29 dB structure, and with a double glass as RW 40 dB structure. VTT tested..

Glass: SFS-EN 356
Locking: PAT.EUR/USA
Key locking: Abloy, Assa locking in all protection classes